Nile Rhythms 2: Archival Fine Art Glicleé Print

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Nile Rhythms2FOR WEB.jpg

Nile Rhythms 2: Archival Fine Art Glicleé Print

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This piece was inspired by afternoon on the Nile River in Egypt. Not only was the river reflecting lovely golden light, but the air was filled with the festive sounds of Arabic music echoing from tour boats nearby. I used a repeating pattern from Egyptian tiles to mimic the rhythm of the music and ripples on the water. You can see my process on Instagram: @artwithamirra.

Archival Gicleé prints are on acid free paper with a light texturePaper prints have a 1" white border and can be framed without a matt. Allow for 2 weeks for printing and shipping. Prints are created in a small print shop in Portland, Oregon. Going local takes a little more time, but I believe in supporting our local economy!

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Original Artwork Information:

Nile Rhythms 2

Acrylic on Wood